Investment properties have been a source of wealth for millionaires the world over, pretty much since the dawn of time. Long-term rental properties come with a particular set of benefits and challenges which many investors have become accustomed to. These same challenges can also be a deterrent to many other investors.

In recent years we have seen massive growth in the short-term rental sector (think VRBO or AirBnB) but after managing houses in both genres we are finding that there is a gap in the market that needs filling. Furnished short and mid-term rentals.

Traditionally mid-term rentals (aka executive rentals) were serviced by long-term hotel stays. This category of rentals filled the needs of those relocating for a period of time less than a traditional yearly lease.

Today’s savvy travelers are looking for something different, a home away from home. Many professionals are transitioning to work-from-home positions and home schooling. Families are now searching for a longer term “vacation” home to live, work and experience a new area. 

While Benebu, as a company, had already identified a need in the rental market, with the uptick in travel post COVID-19 initial outbreak, Benebu is already experiencing rapid growth and overwhelming success in the mid-term rental market. From contract professionals looking for a place to stay while conducting business to families who are choosing longer term vacations, or traveling regularly with an increased remote workforce and home school numbers rising, Benebu is prized to make a large impact in the overall furnished rental market within the near future.