A serendipitous meeting of shared experiences, born out of Auben Realty, with more than 10 years of project/property management experience, and created with creative investors in mind. Benebu is already filling a void in the rental market with short to mid-term furnished rental homes offered to families and professionals looking for an alternative to the standard hotel/motel options.

  • For investors to improve their assets and diversify their portfolios.
  • For travelers and those relocating to Augusta to feel at home in an incredibly charming city.
  • For realtors to provide their buyers and sellers with upscale furnished interim housing.
  • For our team to create a memorable experience for all of those we connect with in renovation, design, guest services and local partners.

Ever considered investment property ownership?

Not sold on the potential pitfalls of long-term rentals?

Benebu offers the opportunity to do something relatively new in concept, backed by years of experience in property management, combined with extensive knowledge of project management/design. We can help YOU establish yourself as a short to mid-term property owner without the common mistakes, and hassles of “doing it yourself”. With our turn-key property purchase options, you can even roll the majority of your renovation and furnishing costs directly into your mortgage amount making each Benebu home purchase truly affordable.